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released April 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Pet Shop Fashion West Des Moines, Iowa

Coitus, pharmaceuticals, and whatever Alan Freed's ghost calls my music.

These rough recordings are some musical ideas I've had over the years. The process is very slow because I'm doing everything on my own - guitars, drums, vocals, lyrics, recording, mixing, etc. I hope to someday record them again with a band and maybe play them live. Until then, enjoy listening to my creative process. ... more

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Track Name: Too Many Thoughts
My mind is wandering
Down an unknown path
Now I am pondering
If I can do the math

Cause the exponential
Tidal wave will come to smother me

And wash me into the
Neverending sea
Of my own history

I need to control my brain
It's driving me insane
I have too many thoughts
They can't be contained

I need to control my brain
To rid me of this pain
I have too many thoughts
Most of them are totally inane

My head is spinning
I've lost all control
Will I end up winning
And reaching my goal?

Should I try to fight the tidal wave
Or ride it into shore?

Answering these questions
Will help me foresee
How to set myself free
Track Name: Imprinted Birds
I woke up to find that you were lying next to me in bed
But my eyes don't have to be open to see what's truly there

On the way to work, I heard a song that made me think of you
The soundtrack of my life transports me to another time

Are things random or my destiny?
I may not ever know
Should I try to understand it all
Or should I simply feel?

I can't describe the shovel that unearths my nostalgia
Things get buried so deeply I forget they're even there

Is treasure much more valuable after it has been hidden?
And will I recognize pyrite whenever I see it?
Track Name: Maps and Territories
I like to make generalizations about the world I live in
Filtering out whichever details I haven't already learned
I like to make classifications for all of the things that I find
This is like that one and that is like this one
Sorted as different kinds

Waxing on or waxing off
Painting the fence
Sanding the floor
The map is not the territory

The boy in the bubble can't stop himself from rolling down a big hill
Bumping his head makes him forget the lessons he's already learned
Like Jills to his Jack, everyone follows him like they've all just gone blind
When they reach the bottom, they curse the ones who chose to stay left behind
Track Name: Turning Talking Heads
Give me your attention please
I have lots of tiny distractions
They will make you feel something
Whether or not it is good or bad

Never mind the suffering
Or the ways in which we could solve it
Just lie back and relax while I
Tell you how you are supposed to think

I can show you how to defend anything
And get people to react
We will celebrate and drink their sour grapes
While they fight to undermine themselves

This is an emergency
But you can pretend that it isn't there
We will bring out a thin blonde
To make it seem like it's all trivial

She will find you one or two
Examples to disprove that it exists
Then you can show all your friends
A scarecrow that still doesn't have a brain
Track Name: Behind the Makeup
Everyone is staring at you
Because you're beautiful
But that seems to contradict
What's deep within your soul

Many men have fantasized
About what it is like
To be with you as your boyfriend
At least for one night

Applying layer after layer
Making everything just right
Covering all of the flaws
That were chosen for this place and time

Peacock blocking macho guys
Have got you in their sights
So you wade through tons of douches
To find Mr. Right

Even when you find him, though
He just gets scared away
By the temper tantrums you have
On any given day
Track Name: Rashomon Roshambo
It's my lucky day!
I look just like a criminal
Picked up by police and thrown
Into a lineup

Someone whom I've never met
Tells them that it was me
Then they put me in a cell
And throw away the key

Lucky me!
I'm subjected to police brutality!
They kick me when I am down
Despite all of my pleas

Innocent or not, you get
The same exact treatment
Because you're guilty until they
Can prove your innocence

Get out your torch
And your pitchfork
It feels good to punish perceived enemies
We can reassure ourselves at least we are not them

Happy birthday to me!
I've been locked in here for years
No one came to visit me
Because they were scared

Out of sight, out of mind
It's what we tell ourselves
This helps us forget about the ones
We sent to hell
Track Name: Predictability Horizon
Soothsayer, tell me
Will I become a great success
Or am I destined to whither away?

Clairvoyant, tell me
Do you see me as a rich man
Or without a penny to my name?

Someone please
Give me the clues
Cause I am so afraid to lose

Plans are nothing
Planning is everything
But not for where, when, or how

Forecaster, tell me
Will it rain on my parade
Or should I prepare for a sunny day?

Stockbroker, tell me
Is this a wise investment
Or should I prepare for the market to crash?
Track Name: No One's Looking
Please don't stare at me
Or make a great big scene
I can only do my best when no one's looking

No one make a sound
And turn yourselves around
I can only do my best when no one's looking

As you all can see
Due to anxiety
I can only do my best when no one's looking

It would be unwise
If you opened your eyes
I can only do my best when no one's looking

Did you know our biggest fear is public speaking?
Are there really that many bullies around?
Somehow we must cage these non-existent tigers
And find the walls that need to come down

Now listen to me
Cause the truth will set you free
It really doesn't matter who is looking

Make some big mistakes
You're better than the fakes
It really doesn't matter who is looking

Expose what you don't know
And allow yourself to grow
It really doesn't matter who is looking

Everything is fine
This is your time to shine
It really doesn't matter who is looking

I'm gonna pretend
That no one is looking
I'm gonna picture
Everybody in the nude
I'm gonna pretend
That no one is watching
I'm gonna project
An upbeat attitude
Track Name: Wait for It
If good things come to those who wait
You might as well enjoy the time
In between the now and then
You're gonna live it either way

Look for infinite depth in things
Even if they seem mundane
You will notice a beauty that's
Waiting there for you to find

Everything is in a state of becoming something else
Sometimes, it will happen right away
Other times, you must wait for it

Kneeling in the snow all day
I couldn't help but feel defeat
Then I started to realize
I define what that word means

As a child, I couldn't walk
I fell down so many times
If I would have just given up
I'd be crawling to this day
Track Name: Tied in a Yes Knot
Some of us don't want to fight
Others think it isn't right
To give someone the answer "no"

Call us scared or unprepared
Call us mentally impared
We won't tell anybody "no"

Some of us choose to defer
Others would rather confer
Than give someone the answer "no"

Tell us we're too meek to speak
Say that we can't take critique
We won't tell anybody "no"

One of these days we must break free
And find our voices again
Sooner or later we'll come to see
We're in a yes knot

Some of us will see the light
Others will feel quite contrite
Because of never saying "no"

In the end, what we've despaired
Keeps us from being ensnared
When we need to tell someone "no"

One of these days we must break free
And find our voices again
Sooner or later we'll come to see
Just how deceitful we've been
Track Name: We Are Them
I found a new adversary
It feels so good to hate them
They've been stripped of humanity
It helps to dehumanize them

Enmity for enemies
Allows us to feel superior
Even if we're taught to turn
The other part of our posterior

We like to tell ourselves
That we feel much different things, but
We are them

We reassure ourselves
That our cause is always just, but
In the end
We are them

Think of a horrific crime
What is the motivation?
Do they want to feel power?
Could they change their ideation?
Track Name: Blinders
I've never noticed this before
Has this been here the whole time
Or did I just realize it was there?

I've probably been down this street
A million other times before
And I could've sworn it wasn't there

Now it's all I ever see
Every time I go up and down
This street I thought I had known so well

Will this happen to me again
Or have I learned my lesson?
Well, I suppose only time will tell

I am blind
To the world
That I don't
Expect to be there

I've never noticed you before
Have you been here the whole time
Or is this the first time we have met?

I've been coming to this place
For probably a decade now
And I could've sworn we've never met

Now you're all I ever see
Every time I come back to this place
I thought I had known so well

Will this happen to me again
Or have I learned my lesson?
Well, I suppose only time will tell

I cannot seem
To see what's in front of me
I do not know
How to look for the unknown
I cannot find
What I have yet to define
I do not care
About what I think isn't there
Track Name: Collecting Dust
Where did the time go?
A year feels like it was just yesterday
Father time has taken it away

It's so easy to lose myself
In the issues of the day
Stress is turning everyone's hair grey

Where did my friends go?
None of them felt like they needed to stay
But they could briefly meet at a cafe

It's so easy to lose track of time
When you're in disarray
There are times you must enter the fray

My life is collecting dust once more
The sands of time spilled on the floor

Where did the world go?
We seemed to wander down a new pathway
But history is often a replay

It's so easy to lose where we are
On life's fast raceway
We could be on the track to doomsday

Where did my youth go?
Am I beyond the time of my heyday?
All of my relics are on display

It's so easy to lose track of thoughts
And find which words to say
Speak your mind before your last birthday
Track Name: Satori Stories
When you find yourself
You might have a Satori Story
When you stop being someone else
You might have a Satori Story

When you feel at peace
You might have a Satori Story
When it feels like there's so much space
You might have a Satori Story

Fall asleep and then wake yourself
Be mindful of where you are before you
Fall asleep and then wake again
The answers will come every time you breathe

When you focus on now
You might have a Satori Story
When you stop living through the past
You might have a Satori Story

When you reach acceptance
You might have a Satori Story
When you're no longer holding on
You might have a Satori Story
Track Name: Fly Honiez 'R' tha Beez Kneez
Chedda n bling
Chedda n bling
Chedda n bling will make my heart strings sing
Gotta get some chedda n bling
Gotta get some chedda n bling

Bitchez n weed
Bitchez n weed
Bitchez n weed
That's all I need
Gotta get some bitchez n weed
Addicted to my endless greed
Fly honiez r tha beez kneez